Thursday, July 4, 2013


How do you do in your prayer life?

If you're anything like me, terrible!

I just got back from a missions trip. We served a Spanish speaking church in the Valley of Texas. Every morning we went to a 5 am prayer that they had at their church. The church was built upon this principle. It was early. I was tired. It was dark. And often times sleep was knocking at my door. However, the pay off was incredible!

They decided that they would commit to spending the first part of their day in the presence of the Lord. How can you argue with something like that?!

It is such a great, awesome combination!

I decided I would try to start that when I got home, and wake up every morning and pray. Some mornings have been better than others.

This trip truly transformed the way I view prayer, and how important it truly is.

In the Old Testament we're told that priests could only enter the Holy of Holies one time per year.

When Jesus died the temple veil was torn into two, allowing us access into the most sacred of places and giving God and his Spirit a place to dwell, to live inside of us!

Yet, for whatever reason, prayer is the easiest thing to neglect. The thing that was once considered sacred and holy is what we push off to the side and say, "Ahh, I'll get to it later."

I'm deciding to commit to spending the first part of my day in the presence of the Lord, and I challenged our students to do that last night as well. Additionally I passed out a prayer journal to all the students.  We challenged them to utilize this in their prayer lives this summer.

What are some ways you have succeeded in your prayer life? Any hints, tips, or ideas for staying committed?

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