Sunday, June 23, 2013

Texas Update 1

Just ready to be there!
I'm laying here in my bed at 11:50 pm Saturday, night. Exhausted!

But, we made it!

Are we there yet?
For those of you who don't know, we left Dayton at 6:00 (ish) am on Friday morning and our destination was 13 hours away in Mt Pleasant, TX. Then we took off the following morning from Mt Pleasant at 5:30 (ish) am. We arrived at McAllen by 4:15 pm.

So after 22 hours of driving ad close to 1500 miles we made it!

Our students were really good, and understanding travelers. We made limited restroom stops, and we were able to drive pretty much straight though.

Upon arrival we went out to dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant. We could either have tacos (delicious) or a twice baked potato.  It was incredible. Tasted a little bit different than Taco Bell!

WooHoo we made it!
After dinner, and a Kmart run, we swam in the pool.  We splashed cannon balls and took pictures with our faces resting on the pool side (you'll have to wait to see the picture from Beth Sohn, I know it makes no sense, Kenzie and Sabrina's idea).

After a little while a cute little girl from Mexico came up and asked us something, however our only problem was that we didn't speak Spanish. We kinda pushed her aside, said, "Lo Siento" and went on doing our own thing.
Aww yeah!

Then we bumped into her again a few minutes later, and Jessica Sohn, Daniel Williams and I decided to try our hand at communicating with this little girl and her friend by utilizing the limited amount of Spanish in our repertoire. Reis tried to pull out his French. You'll have to ask him how that went :) Finally our translator for the week, Enrique, showed up, and he helped us out.

We found out they wanted to play 'tag' so we played with them. When you're it, you are "La Traea." So we ran around the pool with little Leon (6) and Natalie (7).

It was a great time!

We haven't even technically started our ministry yet, but it is amazing to already see God's hand at work.

Please continue to pray for our team, our attitudes, and our unity.

Thank you already for supporting our team!

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