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What are some of your favorite youth ministry games?

I want this post to eventually turn into a page (I'm still working on the technical side of that and how to do it, so if you know how, let me know!!)

Here are a few of my favorite Student Ministry games:

  • Letter Game (10+ students needed)
In this game you can make a night of it. 
  1. Break your group up into teams.
  2. Instruct them to come up with a team name and cheer, then give them 10 minutes to do so.
  3. Have all teams come together and perform the cheer, award a winner, feel free to keep score or not (I usually choose not to, or give out bogus scores ie: 5000 points, a gold star, 3 thumbs up, etc.)
  4. Following that get on a perch, or if you're afraid of heights make a volunteer do it (stool, chair, table, catwalk, roof, be creative)
  5. Call out letters or numbers, after that the teams must lay on the ground and form that letter or number, the first team to form that letter or number, according to the discretion perch person, wins that round.  It can literally go on forever.
  6. At anytime you can call out pyramid, and the teams must form a pyramid using every team member.
  • Mafia (10+)
  1. Sit everyone in a circle and apoint a narrator (usually an adult leader, avoid students doing it)
  2. Everyone is a town's person in the city of (youth ministry's name)-ville, inside that city there are 3 mafia, 1 nurse, 1 sheriff.
  3. The goal is the mafia to kill off the towns people, and the towns people is to kill off the mafia
  4. Everyone goes to sleep, the narrator then appoints the people, one tap on the head is mafia, two is  nurse, three is sheriff (if you don't remember it goes alphabetically).
  5. Once the mafia is appointed and the town is all asleep, have them look up, make eye contact, and decide a person to kill, then put them to sleep.
  6. Wake up the nurse, have the nurse choose a person to save, put the nurse to sleep.
  7. Then wake up the sheriff, have him point to someone and you indicate by thumbs up or down whether they are good (towns person) or bad (mafia).
  8. Then wake everyone up and tell an elaborate story about who got killed (unless the nurse saved them).
  9. Now have everyone dictate who they think could be the Mafia. This is where the actual mafia people get to act a little bit by trying to confuse everyone that they are not actually the mafia.
  10. Once you come to a consensus on a person who they think is Mafia, you have a vote putting them on the chopping block, if the majority votes yes, that person is dead, if not enough move to the next person (you don't always have to kill someone at this stage, but usually it happens).
  11. Repeat the cycle by putting everyone to sleep (minus the person who died, they can watch, just can't talk). When there is only Mafia left, they win, if they all get killed off, the towns people win.

  • Powerpoint Games (any)
  1.  All you need is a projector, or tv of some sort.
  2. You can create little quizzes of 10 or so questions.
  3. Students can be individual or in teams for this.
  4. You can give our prizes for the winner at the end or just do it for fun.
  5. Google Powerpoint Games to find some, there are TONS out there!
Now its your turn, what are some good games that you know of? Post below and we will add them to the site, and give you credit!

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