Monday, June 25, 2012


As a recently married individual many times I am convicted about what it truly means to be a man.  There is a lot out there that our culture says about manhood.  Much of which is not found in scripture.

As a minister to students, many times they are looking at you as a role model to what true manhood looks like.

I think we have a man crisis in our nation, and men are not living up to their calling.

Last year I saw this video, it takes a minute to watch, but it is amazing, watch it, then I will pick up with the rest of my blog after the video.

The church today in America is running into a crisis.  If men won't finish well, who do the boys and teenagers in our student ministries have to look up to?  When men quit acting like men, and begin to act like boys, who leads in our congregations?

Pastors, Student Ministry leaders, the call falls on our shoulders.  If we don't step up, who will?

Are we ready to take the lead on this one?

If you want to check out this book I would recommend it, and not just simply for pastors or church planters, it is a book about how to lead a Godly marriage. I highly recommend it:

What, in your opinion, are we missing in the church today in regards to building up strong men?

How can we put a stop to this?

What are some ways in which you have tried to put a stop to this?

What were some of your favorite quotes from the video above? Mine was: "The story and the glory of the church, becomes bigger than the story and glory of God."

Guys, lets start today!

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