Thursday, July 26, 2012


One huge thing that is required of student ministry pastors is the ability to be flexible.  I was tested on this yesterday.

I had planned a canoe trip for my students, and I was fairly impressed with that fact that I was able to pull it off within about a week.  I planned it all on Monday and had it scheduled for the following Tuesday.

I was scrambling like mad on Monday to find drivers, and finalize the numbers for how many students would be attending.  Well, as fate has it, and God probably had this planned for a reason, I woke up and it was raining outside.  Rain is not a big deal, and often times it makes canoeing that much more fun!

I got ready, put on my bathing suit, and found a shirt that I wouldn't mind getting dirty.

As I hopped into my borrowed van (I needed something other than my 99 accord to haul students around) I realized it was actually raining pretty hard, and not only that but out in the distance I continued to hear thunder.  But then the clincher, I saw a huge bolt of lightning strike a few miles up ahead of me.  I decided it was time to can the canoe trip.

I was getting calls, texts, and emails about whether or not we were still planning on having the scheduled trip.

I was furiously googling bowling alleys, laser tag places, indoor rec centers, and anything fun around the area that would be open before noon.  The results? Nothing.  Except the mall that was right down the street.

I scurried together and created a 15 item scavenger hunt for items that would be in the mall.

I had students go to the pet store, find an Andrew Luck Jersey, and even discover a spatula from the kitchen store.

Concluding the scavenger hunt we headed back to church where we watch a hilarious comedian on dvd that a parent wisely allowed me to borrow, I ordered pizza with the money that students anticipated using for the canoe rentals, and we hung out. The storm got worse and worse, and at one point there were 80 mph winds tearing through our neck of the woods.

I had this whole trip planned, my first major event at this church, but God chose to teach me flexibility on this one instead.

How have you been forced to be flexible while being in ministry?

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