Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday I had the privileged of bringing God's word to the congregation at my new church, University Baptist Church.

I spoke on one of my favorite, yet most convicting topics, Risk.

Today on, Balanced Student Ministry, and for this week we will talk about how we as student ministers can take a risk.

Risk, and the fear of failure, is something that we create on our own.  Jesus gave us a commission to go make disciples, discipleship, which often we define as 'Bible Study', doesn't scare us.  But evangelism freaks us out, myself included.

Francis Chan, distinguished author and speaker, spoke about the posture Christians sometimes take when it comes to taking risks.

I don't want to head where the majority will head, will you?  And the thing is I know the correct answer, or how to avoid that, but for some reason I'm still a little bit afraid.

Why are we afraid? When Jesus says, 'surely I'll be with you always, even to the very end of the age.' He's with us!

Some risks that may be involved in being a minister to students include:

  • Getting into the local school for lunches.
  • Going to football games intermingling with students who may or may not acknowledge you.
  • Making changes within your local church.
  • Finding a way to follow up with students after they visit your ministry for the first time.
Regardless as a student minister there are a number of risks, and I realize I probably only scratched the surface, but what are some risks that you find in youth ministry?

What things have I missed on that may be risks?

Check back in on Wednesday to talk about how we can practically conquer our fear of taking risks.

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