Monday, May 21, 2012


Evangelism. Check!
Community. Check!

How can we equip leaders to carry on the cause after they graduate or you move on in your ministry?

Invest time.

1. Invest organized time.

Yes teaching is important, but when you pour your life into an individual, that is when you see true transformation.

One thing that I did was have an intentional time for evangelism, and community, and equipping, and that was it.

I met with my leaders on Sunday morning, which allowed us to discuss the happenings of the upcoming night, pray for their friends by name, and provide support and encouragement to invite them to that evening. 

Another key component of equipping was talking about essential building blocks of a healthy ministry. Address and assess different areas of the ministry you are overseeing.  You must always be willing to listen to your student’s advice, because it is a ministry for them, not for you.

2. Invest personal time.

Get to know your students, figure out their likes, their dislikes, see them in their natural habitat, meet their friends, be present in their lives.

If you only spend organized time, you will never get to see your student for who they really are.  I think a lot of times we are concerned with shaping and molding a vision and a ministry, and we forget that we are working with actual people.

If you are willing to hang with students outside of organized time, they will see your heart, and it will allow  you the opportunity to practice what you preach.  Then something crazy that needs to happen: ACTUALLY DO IT! If you preach it, ACTUALLY DO IT!

Both organized equipping time and “on-the-fly” time are important, and each has their pros and cons.

What have you found helpful in leadership development? Is there a certain curriculum that you have found helpful? When do you typically meet?

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