Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Focus

I actively wrote on this blog for months on end. If some of you still faithfully read my content, thank you! However, the reality is I have not written on here for months.

I am giving my blog a whole new makeover.

As you can see, I am shifting my focus from the Colts to a “Balanced Student Minstry” discussion.

I chose to write on Balanced ministry because I find that far too often churches and student ministries execute the week to week functions of a ministry incredibly well.  However that one function is the only thing they are profecient at.  Other areas are mysteriously absent or incredibly weak.

I want you to be successful.  To stretch yourself.  And to do all areas of ministry well, not just focusing on one segment.

I hope you continue to read what I have to say, discuss things with other readers through my comments, and honestly and openly evaluate how you are doing ministry.

Thanks for reading!


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