Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Voice

I'm not so sure that I'm not letting the cat out of the bag by informing all of you that I watch the Voice. I'm not sure if that lessens my manly-ness (I'm also not sure if that's a word, as you can see I'm not very certain starting this blog today).

Despite all the uncertainty, which we've already established, there's a lot of it, I watched the voice two nights ago on Monday.

The show started at 8 pm, which Monday night at 8 pm I was at my church's Growth Group playing football and dominating the other team (take that Jake, Megan and Kenzie!), so I actually missed the "live" beginning of the show. Thank goodness for DVR, right?  I know I've had a lot of uncertainty earlier, but one thing I am very certain of is that I love our OTA DVR that allows us to watch TV on our time! However, this is not a blog post on the beauty of DVR.

The show kicked off with Blake Shelton's team member Holly Tucker. Holly is a country/gospel singer from Oklahoma (thoughts and prayers go out to Oklahoma, by the way), and she was planning on singing a Hymn that is traditionally sung in Christian circles.  Holly said during her rehearsal with Blake Shelton and Sheryl Crow that to not sing this song would almost, and I'm paraphrasing here from memory, be keeping a part of her from the audience.  Her concern was that she would not be showing the audience who she really is, she would be hiding her beliefs.

This is a tension that we all experience, right? I mean growing up a believer, when you're put in a situation, you want to "not be ashamed" of your faith, you want to use the platform that God has given you, to make an impact. You also walk the line of not being too overbearing or too "preachy."

Holly has been given an incredible platform, and decided instead of blending in that she would be different. That she would take that risk. I thought it was an amazing performance. Don't take my word for it, check out her performance below:

The reaction by the judges was borderline comical, they had no idea what to say, but as an evangelical Christian, who finds it of the utmost importance to be forthright with your faith, not aggressive and overbearing, but just unashamed of who you are in Christ, I thought her performance and step of faith was an amazing witness and testimony to the person that she is.

I hope that as we as parents, students, and youth leaders are out proclaiming and declaring Christ in our day to day lives. I pray that we can have the same kind of courage and boldness that was on display Monday night during the Voice!

What is your biggest obstacle to sharing your faith regularly?

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