Friday, June 7, 2013


We all experience failure in life.

I know I sure have.

I recently quit my other job so I could focus more time on my work at church, and better myself.

I set goals for myself, and gave myself a detailed written schedule so that I would work hard to maintain the time management structure that I put in place.  I even color coded it!

Since I quit, I think I've kept that schedule two days.

Yeah, I've royally failed at it.

And every morning when I wake up at 7:15 instead of 6:00 I immediately feel like a failure, and I begin to rush around, and get nothing done that I originally hoped for.

I mean I want to get up, but rolling back over to sleep for an extra ten minutes seems so enticing!

When I used to work my other job I was forced out of bed by a pesky alarm at 4:15 AM. Now I have flexibility. But with this flexibility I've seemed to lose my discipline.

How about you? Do you ever set goals, or have intentions and they just not happen?

Tell me about them!

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