Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas Update #6 6/27

I had to look back at the previous post in order to remember which update this was.

We've been here so long to this point that all the days are starting to run together.

5 AM prayer has been a staple of our schedule, and it has been amazing!

After prayer we ate breakfast.

Following breakfast we went to church, only to find that one of the women in the church made us breakfast burritos. Only then to find out another lady brought us in donuts. Only then to find out another lady made us more breakfast burritos!!

We definitely had enough to eat for breakfast.

We cleaned up the church for our last morning work day.

Following work we came back to church for a siesta.

A couple hours later we headed out, amazing race style, by splitting up our groups to do some church visitation.

Afterwards we headed over for a barbecue to end the night.

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